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10 Habits to Create a Simple Life For 2018

Friday, December 22, 2017

Simplify Your Life 2018 Manifesto 

simplify your life

Every new year brings new opportunities. In fact, every new day brings greater opportunities however it becomes easily to conceptualize a fresh start when you standardize the time frame. It’s around this time of year where resolutions are formulated to cultivate better lifestyles.

It’s not that our lifestyle are, terrible, it’s moreso along the lines that we want our lives to be easier and much more put together.

Am I right?

Simple can carry different meanings and is valued differently from one person to the next.
At its core, simplicity means ‘the quality or condition of being easy to do or understand.’ How many of us can truly say we have a simple lifestyle by this definition?

Probably not many. We are so multifaceted and each component of our lives probably overlap one
another at some point making it hard for us to live simply.

As you go into this new year, here are a list of habits you can implement that will make life simpler.

1.     Create a Vision Board. If you talk to some of the most successful and wealthiest people, they
all mention creating a vision board of some type. A vision board is a creation that depicts
everything you desire for yourself. Some vision boards have pictures of house, cars, and
properties. While others depict career and lifestyle goals. A vision board will help you put your
desires into perspective and allows your mind to slow down. If you know exactly what you want
your life to be, you can cut some of your indecisive habits in half.

2.     Create a routine. Everyone is not a Type A personality. I get it. However, that doesn’t limit you
from creating a routine that is suitable for your lifestyle. Studies show that routines actual
decrease the amount of stress an average person has daily.

3.     Say no. Don’t put yourself in a situation that will further complicate your life in the upcoming
new year. It’s ok to say no.

4.     Find a place for the things you use the most. Some of us are not the most organized, but if we
can find one designated area to put our most reached for objects, ie. remote, hair pins(these
always go missing),chapstick etc, we will make the most use of our time. Imagine how much time
we waste searching for our hair ties? It’s quite a bit of time.

5.     Utilize your time wisely. Evaluate where you are spending most of your time, and assess if
you should dedicate the time somewhere else.

6.     Free up some space. This could mean decluttering your closet, dresser, or even computer
space. Throughout the year we have collected some things that may not be needed anymore.
Give those things away or just simply trash it.

manifesto 2018
   7.     Reduce multitasking habits. Don’t feel the need to be in more than one place at a time. Or
doing multiple things at once. Slow down and just be present.

   8.     Create a simplification affirmation. Affirmations are the greatest tools known to man. Create an affirmation that you will believe and practice. Ie: I enjoy my simple life because it provides me
with all I need

   9.     Take time for yourself. Doing for others is super altruistic and commendable but where is your “you time”?  Create a space to meditate on yourself and the simplicity of your life

10.  Reduce your spending habits. Do you really need those one thousand dollar pair of Christian
Louboutin shoes? Don’t over complicate your life.

There are a hundreds of items that could be on this list, but it’s time for you to share something you’ll do to simplify your life.

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