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Suffering with Acne- Update

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Suffering with Acne

If you've followed me for some time, then you know acne and I are fake friends!

Acne is always hanging around, trying to be buddy buddy with my skin, and i'm always the one to say "girl bye!"

Based on my previous acne post back in February of this year, I started using topical medications along with other recommended skin care products.

To say the least, it hasn't been as effective as I thought it would be.

Through my trials and errors I've realized that my acne is simply present because of my hormonal imbalances.

Many females experience hormone imbalances, some involving increased estrogen levels, while others deal with increased androgens and testosterone levels.

I haven't had proper blood work done as of yet to really pinpoint which levels are higher than others but I am trying to take natural androgen and DHT blockers for the time being.

I discovered that my skin produces a lot of oils, more than most people, and the only thing that seems to naturally work is increasing my water consumption.

Though my skin has seen better days, I am sharing with you some of the vitamins I am currently taking to help decrease my oil and acne production. I shot this video back in August, and I still currently take these vitamins. It isn't doing much harm, nor is it giving me DRASTIC results but in a way it eases my worry about not taking action on my acne.

I will have an in depth update on the progression at a later date, while I try to sort out my acne and hormone imbalances.

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