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Top 8 Best Blog Post of 2017

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Best Blog Post of 2017

I know we all have busy lives, and it's near impossible to catch every great thing that happens! So just in case you've missed it, I have listed my top 8 post of 2017.

These have made it to the top 5 spots because of their traction, their substance, and the pivotal point it has proved for many of my readers.

So grab some cider, hot cocoa, or wine...whatever you fancy! And let us look at the year in review.

1. CT Blogger Meet Up

CT Blogger Meetup

This is what happens when bloggers get together! It was nothing but pure fun and collaborations. Read what happened here.

2. The Secret to Losing Over 20 Pounds Fast

lose weight fast nearly hair

I'm spilled the beans on how to lose weight without going through an extensive long wait. Why wait for weight? Read more here

3. When He Breaks Up With Me

nearly hair cia

Well the title is self sufficient. Find out what I planned to do when I broke up with my boyfriend. Read the full article here

4. 5 Reasons You Should Stop Searching For Your Soul Mate

stop looking for a soul mate

If you can't stand the heat, you are going to have to leave the kitchen for this one. This is one of my most highly opinionated articles but honey it's a good read. Get the tea here

5. 5 Ways to Cheerful During The Holidays

stay cheerful during the holidays

The holidays can get pretty hectic and lonely if you are celebrating with one less person. I've provided 5 ways to stay cheerful through the holidays here.

6. 9 Lessons Learned From My FitBit

fitbit lessons

My FitBit has only spit straight facts since I started my new health kick! Find out what those lessons were here

7. 10 Habits to Create a Simple Life in 2018

2018 manifesto
Check out my 2018 Manifesto Here!

8. Fake Acrylic Nails With No Acrylic

fake acrylic nails
I love everything beauty and fashion. But I don't enjoy it as much when it comes with a price. Find out how I created my Fake Acrylic Nails without any Acrylic here.

And that's a wrap my lovely people! Those were my top 8 articles of this year! 

Let me know which of these were your favorite below in the comment section!

Happy New Year!

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