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5 Ways to Declutter your Home This Winter

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

declutter your home

5 ways to declutter your home this winter

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They say clear space makes thinking easier. If you are anything like me, you start the week with great organization then by mid week, you have no idea where you’ve placed the pen you just used the day before.

Most of our cluttering habits are attributed to our need to always be on the run. For some reason we as human beings fee rushed more times than not. Why is that?

Our sense of feeling rushed stems from a form of anxiety. We tend to feel to always meet deadlines or get things done, with things as simple as going to bed on time or cooking something for dinner We get caught up in doing things right away that we don’t take time for ourselves or even our areas.
If we took more time to be mindful of our actions, we wouldn’t misplace our remotes or notepads so frequently.

Don’t let this bad habit control your environment. Here are 5 simple steps to declutter your home this winter

1.     Take an inventory of items that aren’t needed in the current season

I am a repeat offender when it comes to leaving summer items out all year round. For instance in my home office you can find a fan, and tons of old calendars that serve no use if its 2018. Take a note of items that you don’t need right in the moment, or for the month. Once you’ve noted which items are no longer needed in that specific area, take them out of your space and file them away in a container like these, or nice crates like these from Walmart. When it’s out of sight it’ll be easier to maneuver around your space. 

2.     Designate a space for everything.

So this may seem impossible to do but, trust me it’s worth it. Having a space for everything makes the item more valuable. After reading the best decluttering book for the Konmari Method, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I’ve realized the importance of every item I own. Within the book Marie Kondo highlights the significance every item has within your life and how those items should be handled and treated with care. She almost personifies items, and discusses how everything deserves a home. When you are decluttering, designate a space for everything! Make sure everything has a home. If it’s a pillow, be sure that pillow belongs somewhere. Ie: the pillow belongs on the left hand side of your ottoman.
Be specific!
The more specific you are, the more likely you will be to return the item you have back to it’s correct space.

If it’s your office you are decluttering, try getting labels like these, to specifically outline where your pens or paperclips may go. Everyone loves a good labeling system.

3.     Give away an item

This method may seem a little out of the ordinary, but it makes sense, let me tell you why.
If you are able to identify one item you can part with, then most likely you don’t really need the item anymore. Sometimes we have false attachments to certain things which cause us to hoard. There are probably three items that you don’t need that you can give away right now to someone who needs it slightly more than you do.
When you are giving away an item you are not only decluttering but you are practicing charitable efforts. Remember the more you giveaway the more space you achieve. Each time you give, you get a little back.

4.     Take your time

Remember when I said we feel the need to meet deadlines? Don’t give yourself such a strict time limit when you are getting ready to declutter an area. Time is a key component in being effective when you clean. You want to take your time in order to really assess your area and designate spaces to store your items. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are your cleaning efforts. The last thing you would want to tod is overwhelm yourself with cleaning and decluttering because you most likely will feel more stressed than when you started.

declutter your home

5.     Designate a safe starting place

Don’t be the person who just dives right into the clutter only to find yourself in a bigger heap of clutter. Designate a space where you can continually go back to check off things you’ve done. It’s a safe space to breathe. You need a space where you can process what it is you are going to attack first then complete. This space is there to ground you. Cleaning isn’t easy and is even considered a sport at times because it exercises both your mental and physical abilities.
Your safe starting place brings centers your awareness so that you know that each time you’ve cleared an area you have accomplished one small feat. It’s both your starting and finish line!

What do you find most difficult about de-cluttering? Which of these steps are your going to implement first as you declutter your spaces?
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