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Fostering Happiness and Living the Growth Mindset

Friday, January 5, 2018

fostering happiness

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I could potentially go on and on about how 2018 is going to be "my year" as most do when the ball drops in time square.

But let me tell you why I won't do that...

I was never the person to wait until a new week or new month to start a project, or complete a goal. I fall in the category of people who are considered go getters.

What is a go getter?

By my definition a go getter is a person who does not wait on validation of their ideas

a go getter is an individual who sets a plan in place and acts immediately

a go getter gets things done despite the forecast

a go getter doesn't wait until the start of a new season or cycle because everyone else starts their new ideas and ventures at that time

In a nutshell I am a go getter.

For the past three months you may have noticed a slight decline in my blog post and engagement on my personal pages for several reasons.

All of the reasons being good of course.

I've had frequent questions about my absences so I thought it was no better time than now to officially tell the world what I have been up to.

Firstly, I have been taking inventory of my time. Which may seem obscure in a sense but it was something that needed to be done.

As I mentioned in my 10 Habits to Creating a Simple 2018 post, time is precious. The way you use your time is a part of the way you distribute your energy which is a resource...making it valuable!

I've noticed that I can be pretty careless with my time, and there are moments when I find myself so engulfed in frivolous activities that literally suck the energy out of me, which then leaves my priorities unfinished.

So with this internal observation, I declared that I would start taking inventory of my time and using it wisely. That became less engagement with others if I didn't feel the need to respond to the person right in the moment, or declining certain engagements if I felt I needed time for myself. No it's not being antisocial, it's called self care! I had to reclaim my time.

I replaced my energy sucking habits with, edifying mindset growth behaviors. For example, increasing my reading habits! I've read more books in the past two months than I've read in the past two years.

big magic
And I was only able to do this because I made it a conscious effort to be mindful of my time!
Side note if you HAVEN'T read Big Magic get your life together and start reading!

And secondly, I've been expanding my businesses.

That's right business(es)! 

Well the first business launch occurred last year. My coaching business is my pride and joy. I believe I love it so much because it's not too far off from blogging.

I'm not the regular life coach you see advertised everywhere, instead I'm a business coach who teaches fellow bloggers on how to grow their own businesses! Although i'm mostly unapologetic for my fortune and blessings, I will say I apologize for not formally introducing my blog coaching business to you guys earlier!

If any of you are interested in the program please feel free to check out the program here and book a free call with me so we can get your business rolling.

As far as my other 2 businesses, I can't say too much because of my contract but both will definitely be launching this year. And one of them will include goods and a boutique! (shhh!!!🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐)

I obviously can't hold water too long. But this is such an exciting time in my life and it is really helping me expand and grow. My money mindset is on fire!

So if I seem too standoffish. please don't take it personal, because I am only building and growing a better me!

I'm Living the Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is when people believe that they can expand on their abilities through dedication and hardwork. I don't give up on my dreams because I already have the abilities to succeed. 

It's Happiness over Everything!

Happy New Year!
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