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Top 3 Boss Lady Red Lipsticks for Women of Color

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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"I'm the chick y'all love to hate

I'm the chick that's raised the stakes

I told John Sterling he should switch debate

I'm back with an 808...."

Yes mam' this is EXACTLY how I feel everytime I choose to swipe red goodness on my lips. I have no idea why, but my inner Kelis emerges when I have red lipstick on and I feel so empowered. 

Psycolgoigaclly speaking, red is associated with power and evokes a feeling of leadership with those who either wear or associate themselves with the color. 

This January has been one of the most powerful months in my 20 something waking years. I've experienced both highs and many lows and it has created a sense of liberation. Because I am deciding to embrace this authoritative stance, I figured it would be fitting to share my three favorite red lippies that put me in boss mode.

As a woman of color, it can be pretty frustrating finding the absolute perfect red. Most times reds can have way too much of an orange undertone that leaves our lips a bit cakey and unattractive. 
red lipstick for women of color

The three red lippies I am sharing have the perfect undertone for my shade and I'm sure they prove to be effective for women who are both lighter and darker than me on the melanin scale. 

I get it...not everyone feels the need to wear a red lip, out of fear and ridicule. Trust me, I used to feel the same way about putting a red lipstick on as I thought it was too bold. But BOLD is BEAUTIFUL! If you are ready to boss up and put your big girl pants on as you conquer 2018, then you are ready to venture into the red lip zone!


So I was temporarily protesting Colour Pop earlier last year when they borderline disgraced the black community when they decided to label their dark sculpting sticks names of terror, however I have forgiven them since then for many reasons that I will share in another post. Forgiveness is the key to moving forward so please don't hold hate in your hearts my loves, as it only hurts yourself. Besides, if I never forgave them, then I would have never stumbled upon this AMAZING lippie stix.
bichette colour pop

Bichette gives my lips the perfect blend of maroon and bright red. Colour Pop's Bichette is super pigmented and glides with a breeze, so you can get away with not exfoliating your lips before application.
bichette colour pop

Sometimes matte lipsticks can feel a little heavy on the lips but Bichette doesn't do that for me. It does take a while to dry matte but it stays in place which is amazing. It's super affordable and that makes me an even happier camper. The only issue with this is that it runs out pretty quickly.
colour pop bichette


Long before I knew the glory of makeup, I only knew NYX's brand. I think most beauty newbies start off with this brand because NYX provides such great quality products with affordable prices. My favorite red lipstick from NYX is Chaos. I have tons of empty jars of this oldie but goodie sitting in my lipstick bin. Don't ask me why I haven't thrown the empties away, because I wouldn't have a legitimate answer for you.

nyx chaos

Regardless, this red made my list because it's one of those reds you run too if you need pigment and moisture! It provides such great moisture while given you the boss lady red you need to be taken seriously. I prefer to wear this red lipstick with a liner, but for the sake of sharing I wanted you to see how vibrant it looks on my lips without looking awfully ridiculous.

If you are wearing this lipstick out to an event then, I would suggest exfoliating first with a simple scrub like the elf's exfoliating lip scrub. Though this provides moisture, it can go on a bit grainy at times.

nyx chaos


I'm cheating a little bit as this isn't a traditional lipstick BUT it's just one of my most favorite red liquid lipsticks of all time hands down!

entitled beauty heart breaker

Entitled Beauty's liquid lipstick is a new player to the boss lady red game but its winning by a landslide. It so highly pigmented and has great color payoff without having to layer. One of the great aspects of this liquid lipstick is that it's mineral based. And you all know that I am all about the conscious consumer decision we as women have to make. Makeup matters! And so does the ingredients that go into the products you use, so Entitled Beauty's heartbreak red lipstick has won my heart entirely. Even the packaging of the product is amazing with their frosted bottle and easy to grip handle.

entitled beauty heart breaker

This liquid red lipstick is extremely long wearing, to the point wear I had to use several makeup wipes to get it off completely. This is both a pro and a con for me. It's most definitely a pro because if I have an all day event I need to attend I don't have to worry about my lipstick disappearing. However it only becomes a con because I am super lazy so trying to get this bad boy off my lips takes some time.

entitled beauty heart breaker

I can proudly say that I am apart of the #RealBossLadiesWearRedLipstick club because I have found three options that look amazing on my lips.

If you guys know of any other reds that I have not mentioned, please leave the names in the comments below. I'd love to try them out! 

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