Nearly Hair
“Nothing, is what it appears to be, when it's only with your eyes you see.”
― N'Zuri Za Austin

About Nearly Hair

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I wanted it to be something that embodied not just hair, but the empowerment of life and the struggles we undergo daily.

Nearly Hair

It is still me Cia E., the crazy calm indecisive personable girl from down the street (or from Naps Kinks Love) but I'm here, and its a new day *sings like the Jennifer Hudson weight watchers commercial*!
So let me explain my reasoning behind the new platform and the name change.

Well it all started June 1, 1991... just kidding. Honestly, onsugar was a great platform while I started this hair journey/blogging business, and I would most definitely use it again. My only problem was the lack of flexibility I could find within the platform itself. Not only that, they constantly deleted my work and the analytics were not accurate. This list of faults could continue forever but who has time for nonsense. That being said, every platform does indeed have its glitches so why switch right? "When life gives you lemons you make lemonade," is what I was taught but not in this situation for me at least. Before onsugar I was first exposed to blogger with a previous blog of mine and it was also easy easy to maneuver through like onsugar. The only difference was that blogger was a mainstream blogging tool. I personally hate don't fancy mainstream items. This is much like my whole iPod vs Zune issue (which we will talk about another time), when it comes down to it I'd prefer the Zune because its' not mainstream... "Dare to be different". But I digress...

Therefore, just like the Zune I choose to switch to onsugar.. but now i'm back...
In blogger planet, especially if you are an unprofessional blogger, you need a tool that gives you flexibility with editing and themes and so forth. With blogger I found that and that's why I landed here. And because it's mainstream there are tons of widgets and themes to choose I made the switch.

As for the name....
I love Naps Kinks Love, I really do which is why I have chosen to keep some of the names on my merchandise that I sell. Now with a new platform, I wished to change the name as well. I wanted it to be something that embodied not just hair, but the empowerment of life and the struggles we undergo daily. My former blogging partner and I, sat and brainstormed for long and hard, hard and long, long long long long UNTIL...our brains exploded with foolish words and my partner reached a "Eureka moment". At approximately 11:12pm on May 19th 2011 the name "Nearly Hair" was formed. And there you have it!

In case you guys were wondering, Yes this blog will be similar to NKL but just a whole lot more personal and helpful. Thanks for your support and sticking around on this journey of mine because I am Nearly here[hair]!
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